Company formation
We found Swiss AGs (PLCs) or GmbHs (Ltds) for you, regardless in which canton of Switzerland your company is to be based.

In preparation for the formation of a company, several clarifications are to be made, such as the name of the company,
the scope of business, how the stock is to be split or how the equity shares are to be distributed.
With our experience and our extensive knowhow, we stand by you through all of this and everything else that the formation
of a company involves.

You can find further information in Company formation process

Company formation from CHF 750.00

We will be very happy to make a free consultancy appointment to discuss the formation of your company. At such an appointment we give you an overview of the different options available and explain how we can support you should you choose to hire our services.

Request an online application form to found a Swiss AG or GmbH.
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