We will attend to all of your company’s needs. We monitor official deadlines, make any necessary
applications and communicate with public authorities and organisations.
We are in close contact with you to discuss any decisions that need to be made and take care of
any social security issues that may arise, as well as organising audits for you.

We look after your bookkeeping, along with the annual accounts and tax returns:
  • Bookkeeping, including annual accounts
  • Debtor/Creditor bookkeeping
  • Wage accounting
  • Tax returns
  • VAT statements in Switzerland
  • VAT reclaim abroad
  • Accounting for OASI, SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Association), tax at source and personal insurance policies
  • Debt recovery from debtors, initiation of prosecution proceedings, etc.
  • Support during audits
Phone: +41 44 51 52 59 1
Fax: +41 44 51 52 594
Get in touch with us and we will
be happy to advise you.

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