The company formation process
You know what the name of your company is to be, the scope of business has been decided upon, the stock split or equity shares have been established, the company has a business address, so you can get started!:

1. Founders
To form a company, at least one founder is needed, this may be an individual or a legal entity.

2. Shares or equity
The shares or equity of the company to be formed, are to be paid into a blocked account at a Swiss bank. In the case of a public limited company with a minimum capital amounting to CHF 100,000, at least CHF 50,000 is to be deposited. In the case of a private limited company, at least CHF 20,000 is to be deposited.
Once the company has been registered on the Commercial Register, the entire amount of capital will once more be made available to the company.

3. Notarisation
Upon official notarisation, the act of founding the company is completed. In this official certificate, the founder declares that he or she founds a public limited company or a private limited company, establishes the Articles of Association and appoints the executives of the company.
4. Entry in the register
With the notarised Articles of Association, the company is registered at the commercial registry office in the area where the future company is to be based. Registration of the company will be carried out within 5 to 10 days depending on the canton.

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